I never thought it was possible, but now...here I am - sleeping inside this twisted sea creation every single night!

March 2017

Where are you?

7. march 2017 at 1:45 | Argonna |  Poetry - English
For years I slept in your arms
Safe, loved, calm and hidden
From the world and if you ever
thought you failed me...No, you didn't!
For years you were building home
Made of beauty, strength and care
My existence - made of you
And the moments that we shared

Are you sitting next to me?
Are you shining there, up high?
Well, it seems my heart went with you
Even though we said goodbye
Perhaps, you left with the mist
Taken by the morning's grey
I know that you loved to live
I know that you could not stay

My days, my nights... they are birds
Dreary, blue, forlorn
But you gave me endless Love
From the day when I was born
It's still flowing like a river
It is serene, it is free
You are not here, yet you are
I am you and you are me...


In loving memory of Janka Czocherova