I never thought it was possible, but now...here I am - sleeping inside this twisted sea creation every single night!

May 2016

Mr Valentine

22. may 2016 at 21:57 | Argonna |  Poetry - English
Another poetic translation of 'Pán Valentín'...

Mr Valentine

A strange man, standing in the heavy rain
Kisses my hand and leaves my heart in pain
He takes me for a never-ending walk in thunder hell
Then asks me casually, if 'the brolly' serves me well

Girls adore him, he lives in their foolish head
Even when his crossbow strikes them nearly dead
Drunk with charm, they never know, never understand
When he carves their name in stone as he holds their hand

In his pocket, secret book, poetry absurd
Where he writes each flattery, every honeyed word
That he whisperes silently to his recent tart
Frames it, sells expensively, as a piece of art

He sings odes and elegies, for he is a lord
Riding ladies, saving horse, until he gets bored
In the eve he insists to guard me with his life
Morning comes, he dissappears, for I'm Dragon's wife.


21. may 2016 at 1:39 | Argonna |  Poetry - English

Drunk with human blood
I hush

Intimate feelings
Wild and lush
They tear apart
They melt the ice
Run for your life
Escaping Paradise

In the deepest woods
I howl
All alone, so coy
So foul

Who am I? Noone
Knows, I am the one
Kissing the Moons
Eclipsed by Sun
In nightly gloom
I curse the morn
Rabid, I bite
Savage, forlorn

I am the one who hunts
The dead sheep
Butchered by shepard
In their sleep
The one who chews
the bones from graves

I'm the one who seeks
Who craves
For a kill, when all
The chains are torn

Tameless, yet tame

Astral traveller

20. may 2016 at 23:26 | Argonna |  Poetry - English
A free translation of my Slovak poem Astralny Cestovatel. Enjoy!

She sits in candlelight and smoke
The flames lick her face
Praying, while her mind is gone
Wandering the space
Her raven hair drinks the steam
Made of sweetened dew
All the gods are listening
Old ones and the new

As she walks in other lands
Meadows made of suns
The more she knows, the more she craves
The further she runs
Fruit of knowledge, it can fall
Like the plums, still green
Into her arms, on her womb
Caressing the queen
And she loves them, mighty snakes
Mysteries of ancient time
Enlightened magnificence
Going back would be a crime

She lies in the silent room
Starlight and the heat
Staying, but her mind is gone
Her face - incomplete
Her raven hair eats the dust
All she ever knew
Was to leave her human shell
Never found the new