I never thought it was possible, but now...here I am - sleeping inside this twisted sea creation every single night!

November 2015


22. november 2015 at 20:52 | Argonna |  Poetry - English
A little bit of spring in this freezing times...


Blooming scent of cherry trees in the early May
Alone I thread, in the dark, welcoming the day
Alone I thread, gazing at millions stars above
Neverfading, dawn can wait, wait for us, my love

My lips, my eyes and my mind, all covered in frost
My dreams, my art, poetry - were gone, perhaps lost
Paradise fell, maybe I did fail even more
Failed to feel, now standing still, never did before

Scarlet fruits have ripened well in the August sun
Sweet as sin, the sin of lust, ignorance and fun
I'm a queen of cherry smiles when we're on our own
You keep singing cherrynades, your lap is my throne

Kissed under the blooming tree in September rain
I am free - the chains are torn, once they kept me sane
Red leaves in my raven hair, red leaves, azure river
Still your kisses make me burn, still they make me shiver

Swimming in the endless blue, the blue of your eyes
Alone I stand, had to fall, so that I could rise
Perhaps I still have a heart, it beats - bruised and sore
Make me fly before it stops, make me fly once more...


13. november 2015 at 17:43 | Argonna |  POETRY

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12. november 2015 at 21:58 | Argonna |  Poetry - English
An English version of my slovak poem ''Rieka''


Carry me with you, my Blue
Carry, like the roots you broke
Passionately, full of fire
Taking every birch and oak

Taking them so far away
Show me how they shine
All those burning seas in dusk
Can you make them mine?

All those silver seas
Flooded by the glow
Of the full-moon waves
Performing their show

Cradle me, dangle me
Hold me, hand in hand
For I've always been a fish
Burried in the sand

In the sand, but always wore
The aquamarine crown
Let me see magnificence
Just before I drown

You, River, show me those
Ancient, fallen isles
With no place in todays world
Sunk for miles and miles

Sunk into the tales
Sunk too deep and low
Legend I become
In you I shall flow

The Queen of Sun

11. november 2015 at 19:20 | Argonna |  Poetry - English

The dark`s not kind
I feel so blind
Green beatle, dead
In the spider web

The fallen plums
In the light so pale
The autumn comes
Colours tell my tale

The ocean dies
By my hot hand
Dew in my eyes
Lost in the sand

The evening rays
Fall on my days
Make my world flash
Then change to ash

The theatre

11. november 2015 at 19:04 | Argonna |  Poetry - English

Curtain`s rising to the hights
A white lady in the lights
Charms them with her smile
So bright, so fragile

A painted mask on her face
Like a doll in shining lace
Darkness makes her find
Shadows in her mind.

Thousands eyes in one sight froze
The stage belongs to her
And every gesture, every pose
Is floating in the air

Yet fame can never last
It all must end so fast
They all disappear
Leaving sorrow, fear

Only she remains
To change her roles
Only she remains
The curtain falls.

The forest memories

11. november 2015 at 18:54 | Argonna |  Poetry - English

I, the willow in the breeze
Sing the elegies of trees
No more songs, just a silent tone
Where have all the giants gone?

Here they used to grow
But that's all I know
Oaks so high and brave
Lying in their grave
Cut down by new kings
With no crowns, no rings
They fell in an unfair war
And we lost, forevermore.
Like a star that fades
All dead, for decades
New life they`d awaken
But their lives were taken...

Elegies die by the coasts
And I will join all those ghosts.
Hanging in the wind, I scream
My kings, tell me its a dream!